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Josy Schieldrop

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Josiane has been selling real estate since 1984 in South County, Rhode Island and learned along the way that Real Estate is a constantly changing market. She has seen ups and downs, bubbles and recessions and feels that her experience can help clients and customers make the decision to buy or sell with a sense of perspective from past trends

She was born and raised in France and came to this country to work at the United Nations. After getting married she and her husband lived in the New York area, but after discovering Rhode Island they decided to relocate to the beautiful and peaceful South County where they raised three children. She loves to travel and her numerous experiences meeting people from all over the world while working at the United Nations, and trips to different parts of the world, help her understand people in general and her clients and customers in particular

She puts all her efforts in helping sellers and buyers go through one of the most important decisions of their lives.

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